yin yang   No experience is necessary to begin Tai Chi classes.

yin yang   Both strong and weak can practice together yet alter their movements for maximum challenge or a gentle workout.

yin yang   The form is easily modified to allow for practicing with injuries or physical limitations.

yin yang   Appropriate for all body types and levels of fitness.

yin yang   Supportive, and friendly environment.

yin yang   Serving the Shelburne, VT, South Burlington, VT, and Williston, VT areas.

Tai Chi Classes


I just finished up a Beginner Series with Sharon and a group of 4 others.

Sharon is a great teacher, very patient and keeps the class moving while adjusting the pace to fit the needs of each of the students. On any given evening, one of us inevitably has a bit of a "block" with one of the moves. Almost magically, in the end, we all made it comfortably to the expected depth in the series.

And from there, we've chosen to continue our class together in order to go further into the form.

While it's true we have miles to go in Tai Chi, we have learned enough that we can practice on our own, which adds to enjoyment and confidence.

All of which leads to a hearty recommendation from me.

-- Andy P.
   January 2016 Beginner Series

Current Schedule (2019)

Private lessons are available at your place (depending on location) or mine. I'm located in Williston, Vermont. Private lessons are $60/hr.

Ongoing group lessons are on hold for now. We are looking for a new practice location that is available weekday evening(s). We can afford to pay $5 per student per class. Historically class size has been between 1-8 students. Please call (802.383.8737) or email if you know of possible accomodations for Tai Chi classes.

New Class Notification

Email with any questions or to be notified when new classes are added or when the schedule is otherwise rearranged.

Classes by Request

  • Another Time or Place: If you'd like to have a certain class offered at a particular time, or day of week, or location, please let me know. When a trend develops, I will add more classes.
  • Corporate Classes: Having classes at work is a great way to ensure your employees' health (both physical and mental). Before-work classes are a great way to set the tone for the day, after-work classes are a great wind-down from the tension of the work hours, and lunch-time classes provide the best of both worlds. Please contact me if you are interested in exploring this option.
  • Private Lessons are available for $60/hour.

Slow Set
Sharon Sierra doing Step Forward and Punch

Class Types

Beginner: This is where you'll learn the foundation of Tai Chi -- The Yang Long Form "Slow Set". We will also do both moving (Tai Chi Gong, etc.) and stationary (Standing Tree) Qigong. To make the Slow Set relevant, we will delve into some "push hands" partner practice to get familiar with the martial applications that are part of Slow Set.
Class length: 1 hour for a newly established class; 1.5 hours after the student body progresses to a certain point.

All-Levels: This class is open to both newcomers and those that are more experienced. We will learn, practice, and expand our knowledge of Slow Set. We will also learn Fast Set which is a fast-and-fun compressed version of Slow Set. And we will more deeply explore martial applications through partner practice, including Four Corners, Three Step, Slow Set Dui Lian, and double push hands.
Class length: 1.5 hours.

Advanced: The advanced classes are for those that have a strong grasp of Slow Set, Fast Set, and partner practices introduced in the regular classes. We will learn Family Set (both the slow and slow-and-fast versions), Family Set Dui Lian, Kai He (Hard Hands), Sword, and Double Sticks. We will also learn forms that make use of a Chinese broadsword (referred to as a "knife") -- Short Knife (First Knife), and Long Knife (Second Knife). And of course, we will continue to hone the martial applications through partner practice.
Class length: 1 hour.

What Should I Wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. Flat-soled shoes are the best, as they won't throw off your posture. Tai Chi is traditionally practiced with long pants and long sleeves, but that is not a requirement. You should be comfortable and not have your clothing hamper your movements.

Sharon Sierra doing First Knife
Sharon Sierra doing First Knife

sierra@HikeNewEngland.com yin yang Call: 802.383.8737

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